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Linux Edit

You need to install, if possible, via apt-get or whatever package manager you have a utility called "UNetboot". Or you can download it directly from the authors website, here:

Run unetbootin, and select "FreeDOS" from the drop down menu. This will then create you a USB bootable disk. Unmount and unplug, then re-plug the USB drive and extract the bios files to the disk. Reboot. The 33xx.bat file will be on the C: drive after booting from the disk.

Windows Edit

- Download the HP USB Stick format tool. It will work with any USB stick from any manufacturer.

- Use the settings "FAT" and "Create a DOS startup disk":

- Extract this ZIP file and point the "using system files" location to it.

- When its done formatting, close the program and copy all files from that ZIP file onto the USB stick.

- You now have a bootable USB stick! Plug it into your Aspire One, press power, press F2 at the ACER screen, and navigate to 'Boot' option. Then, press F6 to bring 'USB HDD' to #1. Then, Navigate to Quit, and select Exit Saving changes.

- It should then boot from the USB drive.

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